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Your Highlight of 2014?

Discussion in 'Messing around and talking' started by Cosmic Star, Dec 8, 2014.

  1. Cosmic Star

    Cosmic Star Kik: _Anjanath

    I haven't been on in ages but the site is all "Whooosh Whoosh" fast. I haven't seen that weird error with the site being offline. This is great. Thank you for whoever did this.

    But the only sad part is the forums are now dead. Spam is gone, but people have left. Can't say I didn't expect that but eh, everything is nice now.

    And now the year is coming to an end. 2014 was a dumb year, not much happened honestly. Except for some..uh things.

    Hopefully 2015 begins a new for everyone (or just continues being the same if that means 'good' for you all.) Xmas is going to be a blast and maybe we will get actual snow fall in ohio on that day. Last year it was rain, which pretty much made the entire holiday pointless.

    Regardless of all of that pointless text: What was the top thing you remembered this year? What was that one moment you wish you could redo again? If you celebrate the holidays, do you think this year will be good?
  2. orangevsrake

    orangevsrake Total Mass Retain

    Hmm, 2014 was a somewhat boring year for me, but it was still much better than 2013 which was terrible.

    I wrote some good things this year: mostly poems. Nonetheless, I'm proud that I got some things done, and I am proud of my work.

    As for what I'd redo, I might approach some conversations differently now that I know how people reacted. Otherwise I'd just exercise more if I could change something, given I recently started to try and get in shape.

    The holidays should be good. The last two years they weren't, but this year I can't think of anything that would sour things. I just hope nothing bad happens.
  3. PaizleeRox

    PaizleeRox real life edgelord

    I wrote some stories that are alot better than some crap I write.
  4. Ahov

    Ahov All Been A Pack Of Lies!

    The end of it. :)

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