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YOUR ideas: How can we improve funny games

Discussion in 'Messing around and talking' started by Devin, Oct 2, 2008.

  1. Devin

    Devin Administrator Staff Member Administratior

    Well, I have been thinking and we need a new update to funny-games. We need something that will spice this site up and get people registering for our forums and playing them games!

    I want idea's from EVERYBODY I wanna *try* and get Petr to update, and make people even happier.

    So, if you had ONE suggestion for funny-games...what would it be?

    ONLY post your ideas here, anyone violating this rule WILL BE WARNED

    Dharok The Defiled
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  2. Nicholasdude

    Nicholasdude Banned

    well well well no offence but u kinda stole my thread dude but hey i think your cool and u do a good job in funny games hahahahahahaz ^^. but aside all that i think there should be an automactic refresh botten on the shout box, stricter rules so the fuking Tuinami wave of pervs can hit us less and i think that the IP banning shoud be more inforced. i personally seen TONS of double accounts that spammers use, in fact i like to corner and freaken make thouse law breaking bastereds pay. the last thing is the seprate shoutbox for the Adult section. those guys can look at whatever Hintai they friken want. But to have a same shout box as the one 10 year olds are useing is just crimanal. thats the sorce of the spammers. They see there fricken porn then they go to the shout box because the message here is (play games, hang out with friends, and pick up chicks) well all thats cool and all but have the Adults play on there turf while the non perverted one's play our games and talk about what the 9th grade science teacher did. thats what i think will make funnygames flourish more evenly and less choaticly like it has been doing the past months.

    ps: last thing on my post sorry about my fast typing i'm bad at spelling on a computer
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  3. ... To give my idea, i'd say you'd have to have a few "words" entered into the system that it automatically deletes them or something (except in the hell thread i assume)
  4. Dr. Nick

    Dr. Nick Dr. Doc

    Well, I think you should have a certain amount of posts before making a thread for 2 reasons.
    1. Before people go starting threads about: Runescape, WoW, hobbo, etc. They will have the chance to
    Learn about the search button, and how to use it.(hopefully)
    2. It will keep down the useless threads that have like: F Funny games, sends pics to yadda yadda ya, or the one with 10 million smilies.(Man do i "love" smilies)

    And for more members. Can't we make a banner for people who use: myspace, facebook, or some other blogging thing, to attract people? Perhaps.

    I've also heard alot of people suggesting more color options, I'm not sure if they meant on the forum or the games page, but that might be something that attracts people.
  5. Hyakushiki

    Hyakushiki Ouroboros

    Wait for it...

    If that's the case, don't forget to remind Petr to move the shoutbox to the forums, or at least integrate it to something similar to an IRC. Also, to prevent perma-banned users from creating and using new accounts, he'd have to 'share' the IP banning privileges with mods that are adept in using such a tool. Quite an impossible suggestion, no?
  6. DarkStar

    DarkStar Banned

    Well how about some form of <Insert word here> that automatically deletes accounts if there not active for three months. Or at least get rid of those who created an account then never used it again. I would love whoever would do this.
  7. Devin

    Devin Administrator Staff Member Administratior

    All good idea's, don't be afraid to post people!

    That can be done darkstar :D a simple modification to the forums or manual user prunes :D
  8. Rubylula

    Rubylula Like a mother bitch.

    Auto Refresh on the ShoutBox.
    That would make FG-life a lot easier.

    Yeah, as people just make new accounts every time they are banned. Even if it isn't possible, it would be nice if it could be taken into consideration. :)
  9. Nollog

    Nollog n00b

    A manager position would be nice.
    They'd have the ability to IP ban, and do admin-y things, while still being under petr.
  10. im2ignorant2care

    im2ignorant2care Hersh's French Fry Pirate

    Whoa there, cowboy. Let's not get ahead of ourselves. Just what would I do with all my free-time, if I only had to ban a Shout Box offender once?

    I'm still feeling the moderator option of "Punch <user> in the face through their monitor" add-on feature.

    I hear it comes in handy from time to time.
    Hyakushiki likes this.
  11. Angel of Game

    Angel of Game You want ban?

    eerrr... darkstar, if you suggest that in one year ago, Then i'm not here right now because i really long time not to online here though.
    well, back to topic.
    first, delete some smilies that really annoying such as :ass:, :321:, :stupid:, etc.so there's not a ******* people that use it for insult people that still new in this forum.

    second, we need some games that really funny just like our name not more violence games so more customers that will play and join forum in this game.

    Third, hide the rank system and post counts in their post and only show them in their profile so there's not a people will say someone like this : "hey, you're n00b. you don't belong to us". This is same to insult people that will give funny games a bad name.

    Forth, adult section must really secure from underage or in worst case, we need delete adult section once and for all time.(gasp)

    Fifth, more moderators maybe should do the tricks make time shift for them so in this forum there will be at least 1 moderators online in this forum that will be guard the forum from those spammers and insulters.

    i think that's all my idea, i apologize if this post already exist and my bad spelling and after all, it's your choice to do it or not. This only my (crazy?) idea. i think i type too much suggestion, didn't I?:D
  12. Hershey

    Hershey i2's Chocolate Megatron.

    Yes, the shoutbox is my only concern. Something must be done about the swarms of pervs. At times, they come in boat loads! So, just to find a way of making the number of pervs less and less each day. Not ruining i2's fun, but, they are here when your not i2.

    The refresh button somehow disappearing is sounding nice. Since I'm not able to use the wretched IRC ( it kinda hates me ). Other than that, all is well here at Funny Games.

  13. Hyakushiki

    Hyakushiki Ouroboros

    Wait for it...

    I would've thought you'd love all that, extra free time you'd be getting.

    Anywho, another suggestion would be...

    Notice there's numerous color schemes for the main pages, and only a mere 2 color schemes accessible for the forums? If only there was a way for those to carry over, I think it'd be pretty spiffy. Right now, I'm using the orange/black theme for the main page, and Funny Games Dark for the forums. It'd be great having it match, I think.
  14. Hah, well I completely agree with the folks that said the shoutbox needs some... cleaning up. I'm just no good at coming up with ideas... I just thought I'd throw in support for the idea. (Haha, and spammers on here are annoying as well, *cough* ^^^ *cough*.)

    And, this is nothing major, just something I noticed, but is the section in Funny Games Discussion supposed to be called Need a Help or Have a Request?, or was that just a typo that no one got around to fixing? Nothing serious, just something I'd been wondering about.

    And one more semi-related question... if someone has a dynamic IP address, does that mean that IP bans are useless against them?

    Sort've, but not so much. Dynamical IPs are only as dynamic as the user's modem. Granted, yes, they are trickier to ban, they aren't unbannable. A lot of it depends on the access privileges Petr would bestow on us, and how deep of a read we can get for a ban.

    And as far as the Funny Games Discussion, I see what you mean. What if we need two helps?

    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 6, 2008
  15. Critically Explosive

    Critically Explosive Nuclear capacity 97.4%...

    -Read my "Help i have a hole in my pocket! to read mine-

    I seriously could not be bothered to type it out all over again. :thumb:
  16. hmmletmethink

    hmmletmethink the picture bellow is me

    umm maybe by getting the game updates more :/
  17. FunnyGamer6

    FunnyGamer6 Funniest Gamer Around!!!

    you could have this thing that gets rid of all the 0 posters and 1 posters so they wont be about a trillion billion noobs on this place you the people who join but dont post:thumb:
  18. Nollog

    Nollog n00b

    Those people are far better than people who post nonsense just for a post count, and bump really old thread with no real input.
  19. frankenfish

    frankenfish Computer Guru

    i wouldn't say your completely clean in that area nollog. haha:rcain:
  20. Kyoujin

    Kyoujin Growls engraved over time

    Theres one thing that really bugs me about this site, and this is it:


    I'm always finding good avatars, but alot of them are over 29 kb, and its really annoying.

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