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Your made up songs.

Discussion in 'Music' started by the disciple, Mar 26, 2010.

  1. the disciple

    the disciple not good=not the end

    ok this is for you to post all the songs u have made up so peopel can comment on them. And NO Nasty comments please just constructive critisism if possible as i dont want post getting reported ans such as mainly try and comment on things you like!!!

    today i amde up like 3 mini songs and a normalish sized song that im still working on so here are the 3 small ones:

    Bottle of Stella:
    Lying down with me bottle of Stella
    and a few packets of Marlboro
    i sart on me whisky
    suddenly im driving for Toro Roso

    Sittind down
    driving me Toyota
    when i realise
    its just a broken up sofa

    Muller Rice:
    Lying on the floor
    eating me Muller Rice
    then i think
    its as real as Katie Price

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