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Your Zombie Defense Plan

Discussion in 'Intelligent Discussion' started by MidnaAllnatural, Feb 6, 2013.

  1. i will post mine later but post yours here.
  2. hollowstorm

    hollowstorm Overlord

    1) gather a small group
    2) kill any bitten group members
    3) go to a store stock up on food, weapons, and ammo
    4) kill any undead douch in my way
    5) survive as long as possible
  3. Sweet candy girl 2

    Sweet candy girl 2 ~Mew mew~

    Gather my weapons and ammo, get a small group together, accept new members (cautiously), and fuck up zombies... easy.
  4. RuneKnight94

    RuneKnight94 Misses his 3DS ~w~

    1) Depends where I am, kill off any zombies.
    2) Gather as many survivors as I can from the same area to escape it.
    3) Collect weapons of any kind, ammo that could be needed, inventory, fuel, some vehicles.
    4) Travel and find a place where we can settle for a while, try recruting more members, carefully.
    5) Escape zombies, start a new society.

    In 4, I could apply the "Shane Movement" to anyone that threatens the group.
  5. srtrny

    srtrny n00b

  6. I would head NORTH immediately because zombies can freeze to death, then i would find an old abandoned mine ( theres tons if you know where to look) and then since im in the north i would find some rednecks house, take all his guns and ammo for *ahem* ''home protection'' then camp in the mine with my beautiful wife and propogate until i die.

  7. sluttybi

    sluttybi Back for a bit

    If i'm at home, i'm going to try to get as much petrol/food as i can before going to my friends house and deciding where to go from there. If i'm at uni, i'm going to get as much food as i can before going to uni and camping out in the uni. i'm going to accept as many survivors as i can (as long as they show no signs of any infection)
  8. reezo93

    reezo93 Love You B Xxxxx

    I'd probably smoke my last joint and then shoot myself in the face. Life wouldn't be worth living in a zombie world and i'd rather take myself out than get eaten alive :/
  9. Ddestoryerofworlds2

    Ddestoryerofworlds2 The Damn Alpha Man

    Depends on the kind of zombie.

    Because zombies are not just Voodoo slaves to Witch Doctors, or undead rotting bodies who want to eat you.

    A legit zombie is a creature that has lost the control of it's own body.

    And there is a "zombie" life form.

    Wasps: There are wasps that reproduce via stinging and laying eggs in victim. When the wasp babies are born, they eat up some and escape. (This inspired "Alien" btw.)

    So what happens to the victim before they die? They DEFEND those hell spawn bugs til it dies and those babies grow more and eat the rest.

    Why is it a "living" zombie? Researchers showed the brain part of said critter (A cater pillar) was no longer "capable of motor function." (Because bugs still have brains. But well it does not do a lot of good to begin with.)

    Zombies.. Well there is..

    Slow Zombies, Fast Zombies, Deadites, Voodoo Zombies, Return of the Living Dead Zombies, Brian Keena's 'Ob" zombies, Italian Zombie movies, Dresed File Zombies, "Living Zombies", Gyo Zombies, and the Shinbito from Siren count as zombies (Function wise, not body.) Oh and Left 4 Dead's Infected sort of count. (They have brains like you and me. But the "Green Flu" altered them to be infected. You see to a Infected, they view the HUMANS AS MONSTERS. Though for some reason, they rather use bare hands than weapons. And God forbid them special undead.)
  10. thatonegirl101

    thatonegirl101 hello:)

    I guess it depends on the zombies lol if they are night of the living dead I might be ok, but if they are like rage zombies I am screwed lol
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