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Zeusy's Obscene and Intolerable

Discussion in 'Arts' started by Zeusy, Feb 8, 2009.

  1. Zeusy

    Zeusy The Surreal Love Bastard

    Its 4:47 AM (eastern time), I know, What the F**k am I doing up? well to type down a movie like script. I gonna make up shit as i go. I have no plan. No Plot. shit, I don't even have a character. As I type this introduction paragrpah i am alone trying yo think what can i do om the fist scene. I'll add more scene if i get good response, Or not get teid for Spam. and as you know i have a shitty keyboard, so excuse the typos. and no word will be written in leet speak, for i dont use leet in any story or comic, (unless its needed)


    -Black Sceen-
    »Insert the song "Mutant Christ by Cryptopsy«


    »list Written by Zeusy, the director, the actors blah, blah, blah«

    Music Cuts off when opening scene shows ​

    Scene I​

    [Juan wakes up from his bed, face half burried into his pillow]
    [Juan Staring at the his wall that acoss his bed]
    [it is silent]

    Juan: ugghhh

    [With his vision blurred from the abnormal tempretures of a floridian winter we walk blindly in his tank-top and small boxers to his bathroom to clean the crud outta his eye]

    [Having a hard polished concrete floor, it is veeerry cold]

    Juan: Shhhhiit (uggh) its fucking cold

    [in his bathroom]

    *juan turns his 1970's bathroom sink faucet*
    [water is cold, then it warm after a few seconds]

    [cleaning his face, he cleans the crud outta his eyes]

    [Lifting the toilet lid to take his morning piss]

    Juan: aww jesus christ (to himself)

    [shows a used condom floatin in the toilet water]

    Juan: Fuckin' Eh Toni, Flush down the Latex after you fuck, Man!! *yelling out the bathrom*

    *flushes he toilet*

    Juan: *muttering to himself* Fucking Guy...

    [Going ino he kitchen he takes out a bowl of cereal]

    [Toni walks in]

    - Anthony a.k.a. 'Toni' is Juan's older brother whom he lives with. Anthony is 26 years old, making his living as a music store clerk. Toni is known to banged almost every girl in his high school days, even the fat nerdy ones. Toni is Juan's Guardian, where their only mother was killed by an escaped mental patient who though he was a vampire.-

    Toni: Yo Save me some of that shit.
    Juan: heh, Your Eating Beakfast, that's a suprise
    Toni: Yeah, Just felt like eating, I'm fucking hungry
    Juan: What time did you come home?
    Toni: I don't Know.......why.......did I keep you up?
    Juan: Wha? *talking with mouth full of cereal*

    [Toni pours himself a cup of coffee]

    Toni: Y'know.......while I was fucking [drinks his coffee]
    Juan: You an Animal
    Toni: What?
    Juan: You need help, hehe (eats a spoonful of cereal)
    Toni: Help for what?
    Jaun: Your a Sex Addict
    Toni: And that's supposed to be a bad thing?
    Juan: well You keep fucking evey girl in sight, and see wha would happen
    Toni: Your Jealous
    Juan: Jealous you say?
    Toni: Yeah your just jealous 'cause you can't get any kooch
    Juan: Shut The Fuck Up, Asshole
    Toni: Hey its now My fault that your fucking 17 years old and still a virgin
    Juan: Shut Up! (kinda annoyed, dropping his spoon into his empty bowl)

    Toni: hehehe, well I'm gonna be a the store so your pretty much gonna be home alone for probably til sunset.
    Juan: ok [dropping his bpwl into the kitchen sink]
    Toni: (walking away) Jesus Fucking Christ this floor is cold

    Scene II

    [as Juan, dessed in a jeans and a weaing a Slayer band t-shirt over a black long-sleeve shirt and wearing a black skulley, sits on his coach watching the morning news he looks out his 14th floor balcony]

    -weather man- "It is a chilling 42 degrees in the Miami-Dade area. Its unsually cold, caused by a strong cold front from Canada coming south, expect to warm back up to the mid 70 by the end of the week. but for now if you going outside be sure to dress warm because there windchill as well, making 42 degrees feel like 22 degrees, back to you...."

    [Juan takes out a pack of ciggarretes and lights a ciggarrette]

    Luna: Y'know you should smoke, It'll give you cancer

    -Luna, Toni's F.W.B. friends with Toni since they were in the 7th grade, they both share and intest in sex but they just dont want to be in a relationship. Luna and Juan talk to each other from time time to time but the most they ever do has small talk and chill.-

    Juan: Heh and Your point is?

    [Juan notices tha Luna is weaing his bothers long Tupac tribute t-shirt that reaches above he knees]

    Juan: Don't feel cold?
    Luna: Huh, What is that supposed to mean?
    Juan: uuuuhh YOu weaing nothing but toni's Tupac shirt
    Luna: Ok and?
    Juan: nevermind
    Luna: So... Where's Toni?
    Juan: At work (exhaling smoke)
    Luna: So that Motherfucker left me to babysit you eh?
    Juan: I guess, (slightly grinning)
    Luna: Well you mind if I use your shower?
    Juan: yeah go ahead, btw I'ma be down stairs doing my laundry, if you need me
    Luna: ok

    Scene III
    [Juan takes an Elevator down to the ground floor with a bag of his dirty clothes]
    [eaching the 5 floor, he meets with a close friend, Neza]
    -Neza, Juan's best friend. Tall, skinny, huge scar on cheek and neck from a childhood dog attack

    Neza: YO WZUP, MY Nigga!
    Juan: Just Doin' M'Laundry
    Neza: I was just on my way there
    Juan: really?
    Neza: I have a Load on the washer, I just forgot phone (shows phone)
    Juan: aw I see (puts out ciggarette on the elevator wall)
    Neza: Dude, Did YOu hea what happen to Biggs
    Juan: What happened to Biggs

    [walking into the Laundry mat]

    Juan: Bullshit..
    Neza: Nah, You should've been there. in the party, y'know Chris, right?
    Juan: Which Chris
    Neza: You Know, Big Chris.
    Juan: Oh You mean... um BiFuM
    Neza: BiFuM?
    Juan: yeah they call him that, its short for "Big Fucking Mexican"
    Neza: Haha
    Juan: Yeah I know, but anyways, whas happened to Biggs

    [Neza leaning against a dryer, Juan Operating the coin operated Detergent despenser]

    Neza: well BiFuM was talking mad shit to Biggs' Sister, y'know like trying to seduce her to fuck him and shit..
    Juan: Isn't Biggs' sister like 14?
    Neza: Yeah, well y'know this was in that party, and Biggs' sister was getting harrased, and biggstried to help her out, like any bother would do, then BiFum told Biggs to Fuck Off and mind his buisness. And all shit broke out, I think BiFuM smashed a bottle on Biggs face, and bigg got the shit kicked outta him.
    Juan: shit... what happened to biggs' Sister
    Neza: I dunno, they say she escaped while bigg's was getting beatend down.
    Juan: heh wow, what a way to ditch the guy you helped you out.
    Neza: yeah he all fucked up
    Juan: How so? (puting his load into the washing machine)
    Neza: Deattach retinas, broken jaw, teeth knocked out, lotta blood, looked like he was attacked by a bear or something.
    Juan: shit (putting quarters in the the coin slot)
    Neza: Yeah People saying is going to die, from tha shit.
    Juan: wow that sucks
    Neza: yeah, he's in the hospital right now. And they arrest ed BiFuM as well, I hink they are slamming him for assult, and attempted murder, some shit like that.
    Juan: they can get him for Manslaughter o Murder in the first degree if Biggs Die

    To Be COntinued....
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  2. [zephyr]

    [zephyr] Neo-Maxi Zoom Dweebie

    Haha I realllly like it. I think its funny, and you didnt really have to put to much detail to know where its taking place and whats going on. Zephyr likes it, w00t!
  3. Angel of Game

    Angel of Game You want ban?

    Nice one! Maybe you can become the real director for film? XD
  4. Rubylula

    Rubylula Like a mother bitch.

    Heh, I like it too.

    "...mother was killed by an escaped mental patient who thought he was a vampire."

  5. Zeusy

    Zeusy The Surreal Love Bastard


    »We left our young hero doing his laundry«

    Scene IV

    [Having his laundy in the washing machine, Neza and Juan Continues thei COvesation]

    Juan: Hmmm, So What now?

    [Neza looks out the large dirty window and see a hotdog stand]

    Neza: wanna get a foot long?
    Juan: I ate Beakfast already, whatever
    Neza: Got Money left
    Juan: Yeah
    Neza: how much
    Juan: like 15 dollars in quarter
    Neza: ...... What The Fuck..
    Juan: We're in an a fuckin' Laundry mat, you need alotta Change
    Neza: good Point
    Juan: ..... Fuck it, lets go anyways

    [Neza and Juan Walking Out the Building]

    [Strong Gust blows]
    Neza: FUCK!!!
    Juan: SHIT!!!! WHAT THE FUCK!!!
    Neza: Aw Hell Naw, I cant Live Like This, Too Fucking cold

    [Walking fast to the Stall]

    Juan:{shivering} One fo-ot l-long sausage, please.
    Hotdog Guy: ¿Qué?
    Juan: {to Himself,} Fucking Eh..

    Juan: {shivering} Un pie de largggo salch--icha, por....favor
    »One foot long sausage, please.«

    Hotdog: ¿Lo que desee en esto?
    »What YOu Want on It«

    Neza:{in Background} Jesus Christ
    Juan:{to Neza} Chill Man {to Hotguy} No, yo no tengo nada en él
    »No I will not have anything on it«

    Hotdog Guy: Siete dólares.
    »Seven Dollars«

    [Juan Puts 28 quarters on the counter of the counter]
    [Hotdog guy Looks at Juan Like he is Crazy]

    Neza:{in background} Hury the fuck up man, Its too fucking cold out here!
    Juan: I Know Just Chill Man!

    [counts all the quarters]

    Hotdog: Grasias.
    [Neza walk up to the counter]

    Neza: Yeah I'll have the same as my friend
    Hotdog: ¿Qué?
    Neza: I Will Have The Same thing my friend has.
    Hotdog: ¿Qué?
    Neza: {to himself} Fuck me {to Hotdog Guy} I WILL HAVE THE SAME AS MY FRIEND!
    [Juan Laughs in Background]
    Hotdog: ¿Qué? No Habla Ingles.
    Juan: K
    Juan: {to Hotdog Guy} Dice que quiere tener lo mismo que estoy teniendo.
    »He says that he wants to have the same thing I'm having«

    HotDog Guy: ooooh, Siete Dólares.
    »Oooh, Seven Dollars«

    Neza:{to himself} fucking eh man

    [Puts his 28 quaters on the counter]
    [one quarter bounces and fall off the counter]
    *In Slow Motion*
    *Cue Dramatic Music*

    Neza: {still in slow motion} Noooooooooooooo!

    [Neza tries to catch he quarter in the air, but misses]
    [Quarter hits ground, and it rolls

    Juan:{still in Slow Motion} Its rolling towards the storm drain]

    [Neza Dives to the quarter]
    [Neza Misses again]
    [Quarter falls into storm Drain]

    *Music Gets more Dramatic*
    *Slow Motion Ends*

    *Dramatic Music cuts Off*

    Juan: aww D-dd-dude That Suck, Now you cant pay for the foot-long
    Neza: Shut The Fuck Up, Juan

    To Be Continued...
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  6. Angel of Game

    Angel of Game You want ban?

    ROFLOLMAO!!!!! That's too funny! :rofl:
    I wait for the next scene. :D
  7. [zephyr]

    [zephyr] Neo-Maxi Zoom Dweebie

    Haha love it, I can almost picture it all.
    Escribir Más!!
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  8. Zeusy

    Zeusy The Surreal Love Bastard


    »We left of our Neza lost a Quarter«

    Scene V​

    [walking back into the laundy mat]

    Neza: Hey Hey, look whose here
    Juan: what
    [Shows a Girl, with long bown hair, red thin sweater, jeans, doing her laundry]

    Neza: its Athena
    Juan: wow like everyone decieded to do their laundry today
    Neza: Seriously bo, I don't know why you jus don't go alk to her
    Juan: I will, Eventually
    Neza: C'mon Man, Go talk to her, I know you does be thinking about her when YOu jack off at night
    Juan: Y'know what fuck you man

    [Juan Give Neza the foot-long he was eating, and walks towards Athena]

    Athena: Hi [Happily]
    Juan: Hi [semi-nervously]
    Athena: And you are...
    Juan: Juan.... Juan Zapata
    Athena: .... any relation to Xanthus Zapata
    Juan: Yeah... uhhh he's my cousin
    Athena: I figued so, you sorta like him
    Juan: How you Know him?
    Athena: Just a Friend
    Juan: oh
    Athena: Just Where ae you from
    Juan: I was born in New Yok, But My Mother was Cuban.
    Athena: and YOur father?
    Juan: I DOnt Realy Know much about me Father..
    Athena: oooh I'm sorry to hear that
    Juan: I dont really Care , but people told me he was From Spain
    Athena: oh really
    Juan: yeah
    Athena: Well Nice Talking to You Juan, but I need to get some change
    Juan: yeah I'll see you

    [Juan walk back to Neza, Athena walks to the cash changer]

    Neza: [Finishing the foot-long] Well?>
    Juan: she's a Nice girl
    Neza: no shit
    Juan: wait..... you Fucking bastard, YOu ate my foot-long
    Neza: So
    Juan: YOu Owe fucking 7 bucks
    Neza: I think You you load is done
    Juan: oh yeah it is
    [Juan buts his clothes into the dryer]

    Neza: anyways next week week is my moms birthday
    Juan: How old is she gonna Be?
    Neza: 30
    Juan: shit.... sucks that you mom had you when she was 14
    Neza: Hey its not my faul that she was freak
    Juan: hehe
    Neza: well I have to buy her something
    Juan: What are you gonna buy her a vibrator, hehe

    [Neza punches Juan in the arm]

    Juan: Ow haha
    Neza: Stop talking shit 'bout my mother, anyways I migh buy her a lecklace or something
    Juan: Aw How sweet,
    Neza: hehe
    Juan: Is thee gonna be a party?
    Neza: maybe, I dunno
    Juan: well then I'm coming if thee is one
    Neza: K
    Juan: oh yeha, I jus Remember, I have to visit Xanthus
    Neza: why
    Juan: Just to visit my cousin, wanna come
    Neza: ok Why not
    Juan: Afe this shit finish drying we'll go

    Scene VI​

    [20 Minutes Later Juan and Neza Goes back to Juan's Apartment]

    Luna: [brushing her hair]Oh Hi Juan and Neza
    Juan/Neza: Hi Luna
    Juan: Yeah We're Go across the street to visit my cousin in a lil bit
    Luna: ok [walking into her room]
    Neza: [softly to Juan] DAmn man I dont know how you can stil be a virgin and live with such a fine peice of like that,man
    Juan: Fuck You Man
    Neza: I would have been fucking her
    Juan: Shut the fuck Up [throws the bag of clothes and his skully into his room]

    Juan: I GONE LUNA
    Luna: [in distance] OK

    [walking into the elevator]

    Juan: Ah Jesus
    Neza: wha?
    Juan: close the door Quick, that fucking Jesus freak Terence
    Neza: oh shit

    [Terence Walking fast to the Door]
    [Neza pressing the Door Close button Rapidly]
    [door closes]
    [Terence arm comes thow in he last second and the door opens]

    Juan/Neza: [in their minds] Shit!
    Terence: oh Thank God
    Juan: Yeah Thank God
    Terence: Hi Juan.....Neza
    Neza: ... hi
    Terence: Are you Guys going to the House of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ
    Juan: Uhh No, Just gonna Visit. . .
    Terence: [interupting Juan Mid- Sentence] But Why, its he Day of the Sabbath YOu have too Go
    Neza: but Its Friday
    Terence: Eveyday should be a day to woship God
    Juan: o....k
    Neza: yyyyyeeeeaaaahhh

    [Terence Sees Juan's Slayer t-shirt]

    Terence: Oh My. [bowing his head, in a prayer] God, Please forgive Juan for Listening to Musicians that worship Satan....

    Juan: [Mouthing to Neza] What THe Fuck?!
    Neza: [Mouthing Back] He's fucking Crazy!
    Terence: And Let Men of Slayer Burnin Hell fo eternity, Ahmen

    [Elevator reaches the ground floor]

    Terence: Well I'll See you people later, and GOd Bless YOu
    Juan: Fucking Prick
    Neza: yeah

    Scene VII

    [Juan and Neza walks across the street]
    [They walk into the apartment building]
    [Goes into the Elevator]
    Neza: Wha Floor He on?
    Juan: He on the 9th Floor

    [Neza press the 9 button]

    [goes up to the 9th floor]
    [Juan and Neza walks out the elevator]
    Neza:... and thats how Rachel Got herpes
    Juan: wow

    [Music can be heard out the door]
    Juan: well hee we are [knocking the door]

    [Xanthus open the door a lil bit with the lock still on]

    Juan: Its Me Xanny
    Xanthus: Juanito!!
    [Closes the door, then opens it all the way]

    Xanthus: Oh My GOd! Its So Nice TO See You!!
    Neza: Wsup Xanthus
    Xanthus: And HI to You to

    ["beat on the brat" by The Ramones playing in background]

    - Xanthus, Juan's close cousin, Juan, Neza and Xanthus has been friends fo almost their whole lives. Xanthus Is Gay, but hasn't came out the closet.-

    Xanthus: Oh Neza I have somehing for your mother
    Neza: really, what?
    [Xanthus gives Neza a red wrapped box]
    Neza: whas in it
    Xanthus: Oh Just give it to her when you see her, I know she'll love it
    Juan: so where's my auntie?
    Xanthus: Oh she's at work
    Juan: So what you doing?
    Xanthus: The Fuck does is look like I doing?
    Neza: Nothing
    Xanthus: Exactly, hehe..... Any of you guy want anything to eat?
    Juan/Neza: Nah
    Juan: Hey Xanthus, Do YOu know this girl named Athena?
    Xanthus: Hell Fuck Yeah I know Her, She's my homegirl, why?
    Neza: Because He like Her
    Xanthus: *Gasp* Aww How Cute, My Cousin has a lil crush
    Juan: Hehe
    Xanthus: You know I'm hook YOu up with she
    Juan: Well I didn't say to do
    Xanthus: No Tus me you Do, YOu as lost as Gorge Bush wehn talking to girls
    Neza: HAHAHAHA
    Juan: hmph you don't have to be so cold [grins]
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  9. Deadly shot

    Deadly shot The Offensive Type!

    Awsome man! Good as my novel!
  10. SexyDan92

    SexyDan92 The Clansman

    i think i have found my new god, that is the funniest thing ive read in an age
  11. Zeusy

    Zeusy The Surreal Love Bastard


    Author's Note: I appreciate if you leave comments because I want know really how much of you guys like it and how much of you hate it, thank you :]

    Scene Dedicated to Frankenfish

    »We Last of the 3 friends talking bullshit«

    Scene VIII

    [turning on a PlayStation 2]
    [Neza sitting coach in Xanthus Room, Xanthus looking though his closet]

    Neza: Why Don't You Buy a PlayStation
    Xanthus: Oh Fuck No, I have to much PS2 Games
    Neza: Yeah so...
    Juan: YOu Can't Play PS2 games on a PS3
    Neza: Really, What The Fuck, DOn't you play PS1 games on a PS2
    Juan: But YOu cant play PS2 games on a PS3
    Neza: wow that Sucks
    Xanthus: yeah I know

    [The Opening Screen "若い学校の変質者" with some cheesy J-pop music]

    Neza: Wow Xanthus where the fuck you get these games
    Xanthus: I get them from People

    [Xanthus Walks out of his Closet with a wood box with a lock on it]

    Juan: Hehe, We Gonna Smoke out?
    Xanthus: You Bet your round little Ass we are

    [Neza playing the game, having trouble on a level]

    Neza: Fuck, This girl is Playing Hard-To-Get on my ass
    Xanthus: Wow You go no game, can't even suduce the first level Girl

    [Xanthus puts a key through the lock on the box]
    [Inside the box is a bag of Marijuana and Dutches]

    Juan: YOu See, Neza the trick is to make her feel special, though she's a nerdy weck
    Neza: Shut the Hell, The Fuck you Know, Your still a fucking Virgin
    Juan: I'm just trying to help ,man

    [Xanthus Taking some of the weed and rolling it into the dutch, and licks it and runs a lighter across the dutchie gently]

    Neza: Ok I'll do it your way, juan

    [pause of silence with dialouge from the game]
    »Camera Points to Neza, Juan and Xanthus waching the game«

    -Male voice- I see you like to study Anatomy, I Like to Practice some myself
    -Female voice- Oh Really
    -Male Voice- Yeah but I seem not get enough Hands-On Study
    -Female Voice- I'll Gladly Help, hehe
    -Male Voice- Can You Tutor Me Now, I have Anatomy Next and We have a big Test
    -Female Voice- Well then Lets get stated shall we?

    Juan: Oooh AND WHAT!
    Neza: Shut the Fuck up
    Xanthus: Looks like the Virgin got my game than you Neza
    Neza: Fuck both of yus

    [Xanthus handing Juan the douchie]

    Xanthus: Would YOu DO the honours [fake british accent]
    Juan: Glawdly ol' chap [fake british accent]

    [Orgasmic grunt in background]

    [Juan Tkaes a fairly big hit off the joint and hold in the hit and passes it to Xanthus]

    Juan: [smoke coming ou of his mouth while he talks] Y'know Neza you can rub the nipples by rotating the toggles
    Neza: How you Know that?
    Juan: Its says it in the corner of the screen
    Neza: Oh

    [Xanthus takes his hit, and blow smoke rings and passes it to Neza]

    Xanthus: Press R1 and one on the toggle to play with her pussy
    Neza: K [Takes his hit]
    Juan: [takes his hit] [holding the smoke in] You must be doing good cuz she's want to do something else
    Neza: Shit how do I change Position
    Xanthus: Press L2 and R2 at the same time
    Neza: Shweet she's Titty Fuckin
    [Sound of Juan Coughing Wildly in the background]

    [59 minutes Later]
    [all three guys are on the coach just doing nothing, just Out of this planet]
    [Game Paused]

    Juan: Dude........Like.....I forget what was gonna say
    Neza/Juan/Xanthus: Hehehehe
    Neza: hehehe....Your.. Fucked up man
    [30 seconds of Silence]

    Juan: Have YOu guyses, like ever thought like how it would be an Animal
    Neza: No
    Xanthus: can't say that i have
    Juan: I mean Like Life would be so Simple
    Neza: Yeah your right
    Xanhus: Like all you do is Live, Fuck and Eat
    Juan: yeah, I mean Like Wha If YOu Like A fucking Lion Or Something. I mean like YOu got no fucking Enemies, and you just chill in the fucking Savanna
    Neza: Yeah Until A pocher comes and shoot you for your fur
    Xanthus: or a Zoologist come and tranqs you in the ass, and send you to a zoo
    Neza: Man Those Zoologist are asshole, Sending Animals To Zoos Like that
    Juan: FUck Yeah, Thats not even A real Science.. Sending Cool Animals To cages, those animals look miserable in those Zoos
    Neza: Yeah FucK Zoologist
    Xanthus: I hope all Zoologist gets mauled by Squirells or something
    Juan: FUCK ZOOLOGISTS!!! [getting up to make a lecture] I Fucking Mean it.
    Neza/Xanthus: FUCK YEAH!!!
    Neza/Xanthus: FUCK YEAH!!

    »Slowly Insert The A-team's theme song«


    Neza/Xanthus: FUCK YEAH!!!
    Neza/Xanthus: FUCK YEAH!!!
    »A-Team theme song cuts off«
    Neza: Well I'm hungry
    Juan: Yeah, I'm a bit hungry as well
    Neza: SHOTGUN!!

    To Be COntinued
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  12. Angel of Game

    Angel of Game You want ban?

    What the heck... they're playing H game!? O_O
    Nice story, dude! This is so funny! XD
  13. DarkStar

    DarkStar Banned

    It is Kouchie lol. Nice story though.
  14. luke08

    luke08 spamaholic

    Ver funny keep it up do you have any ideas for the next scene ? :thumb:
  15. achmed_kill_you

    achmed_kill_you The Dead Terrorist

    lolz i like the ending of that chapter.
  16. kerrod8

    kerrod8 I Better Find Your Heart.

    Lol pretty good. I like the ending.
  17. Mr. Buttapple

    Mr. Buttapple Sell by Date, 9/01/2010


  18. Zeusy

    Zeusy The Surreal Love Bastard

    Sorry I took so Damn long to add more to this story. The Delay was caused by a mixture of bein Busy, Procrastination, and case of the Writer's Block. After 4 Months, I'm finally onna add new scene to this Screenplay

    Scene IX

    Xanthus, driving his ford Escort, swirvin slightly in the road.
    The Song "Grotesque Impalement" by Dying Fetus blasting in the car.
    Neza in the Front Passenger Seat
    Neza liyin down in the backseats.

    Xanthus: Where the fuck is the nearest Burger King in this god forsaken city.
    Neza: There should be one down the street.
    Xanthus: Really Which one
    Neza: The one YOu Just Past
    Xanthus: SHIT!!

    Xanthus drives over the Median, and makes a sloppy U-turn.
    Xanthus, Drivin fast, accidently drives into the speakerbox.
    Air Bags deploy.

    Neza: WHAT THE FUCK MAN!!!
    Xanthus: WHAT THE FUCK DO WE DO!!!
    Xanthus: Fuck, Yeah let's Fuckin do That
    Neza: Xanthus, fucking Craashed The Fucking Car
    Juan: What The FUck are we Still the fuckin Car then
    Xanthus: Let's Just Fucking Run away BEfore Anyone fucking Sees Us!!!!

    Neza, Juan and Xanthus Runs away

    Xanthus: Fuck!!! WAit!!
    Xanthus runs Back to the car
    Juan: WHAT THE FUCK?!?

    Xanthus in the back of his car, Tears out his License Plate.


    All three Idiotas Runs away before anyone can see what happens
  19. [zephyr]

    [zephyr] Neo-Maxi Zoom Dweebie

    Hahaha "Idiotas" xD
    They sure do like to say "Fuck" alot :p
  20. fgplayer

    fgplayer ;3

    Yeah, they happen to swear A LOT. It's so random and funny how they just leave the truck because they don't know what to do. Keep going.

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