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Zombie Apocalypse...Are you ready?

Discussion in 'Messing around and talking' started by Mitsushi, Jan 7, 2011.

  1. Mitsushi

    Mitsushi Epic Win

    If so post your ideas of what you're gonna do. Such as Housing, first thing you'd do, Weapons ideas, vehichles for those have to leave type situations. Let's hear some good ideas :p

    Personally imma have wood planks around my porch so as the zombies can't climb up and that razor sharp barb wire they have that cuts through everything around my house. Carbon fiber gear i've made into a suit so it's very good against tears and easy to move around in. and imma run to the gun store/motorcycle shop right up the street from me cause it's such a quick run there and they're so close to eachother.
  2. orangetrojan

    orangetrojan n00b

    ive thought about this for a long time, and since zombies seem to always be upgrading, due to the umbrella corporation, and not even underground would be safe, id end up taking a barge from the harbor, stock piling it with food, ammo, guns, and 16 wheel transport, and take me and my friends onto the barge, wait out the annihilation, and then start it up, and start going along the coast, shooting any zombie on sight.
  3. Gaz868

    Gaz868 Assassin

    Well yes I am MILDLY prepaird for an apocalypse including zombies.

    I have an axe and a BB Gun in my shed, and other sharp and dangerous garden tools. (BB Gun probably wont help.)

    I have My Xbox 360. :DDD

    I have an emergency supply of food in my car. (I know, Im paranoid and worry to much)

    The only thing i am lacking is a fast but powerfull truck to escape.. But we will work on that... muahahahahaHAHAHAHAAHAHA!!!!!.... -clears throat- So you see i am mildly prepared for zombies. Oh and a tip, In a Zombie Apocalypse, there will usually be Zombies. Just throwin it out there.


    No, I dont Really HATE Twilight but its giving Vampires A BAD NAME!!!


    Cyanide & Happiness @ Explosm.net

  4. im decently prepaired, mentally and physically, but im not going to start stocking until i see it on the news.

    what i figure im going to do if the infection hits my distric/town/area/etc, is that when they are busy quarantining places and evacuating people, im going to stay at home and try to go get supplies and stock up. when they are gone, id id begin juggling building defenses, probably wooded up windows with cracks so i can see a bit covered with thick curtain so light doesnt escape,(i have grills on my windows and doors so i really dont think that it matters.) , and scavenging for food and other items at other peoples houses. i figure, when everyone is gone, id take a sledge hammer (previously bought when stock piling) and start ramming into peoples house with a shopping cart near by to start "scavenging" for un needed stuff. id take food, bedding, clothing, (pretty much all types of cloth), weapons, knives (from kitchen to army knives), and other stuff. i figure that if i concentrate all on scaving, id probably hit between 3-6 houses, depending on the sive and the loot. id get around the place with a bike next to my cart, because bikes are quiet and dont need gas, just incase i need a quick get away. ill probably also be carrying weapons, i e, dads machete and hand gun. next, when i got stuff good at home, id start moving to the near by school and stock up there and build defenses there, going at home at night, and working in the day. schools are perfect, they are like a fortress, a prison for kids. plus, schools have a kitchen, gym, and a shitload of rooms. id probably go around in there about after a week in the quarantine. after i got a decent little fort there, cutting off and blocking all except 3 exits which i keep locked with 2 keys on me and 2 hidden keys inside and outside of the door, id probably go around trying to find anyone else who stayed, recruit them, and get them to help me. after a while, if the gov dont work and the world gets taken over, id have a nice little colony full of soldiers, scientists, scavengers, scouts, etc. id try to be the leader, but id make it a democracy.
  5. dareupyourparty

    dareupyourparty Master of dares

    Go somewhere way up. Reserve supplies like water.

    Leave the zombified city ASAP :D
  6. Tabby93

    Tabby93 n00b

    I have my M14 rifle down stairs, with pleanty (47 to be exact) clips, all forms of various scopes and sights, a Colt M1911.45 with 13 clips, swords that would make a midevil Knight jealous, a fallout type shelter in my basement, and pleanty of stores near my house that i would be set. I cannot stress the key of semi automatic firearms, as anything fully auto will just waste a mass of ammunition that could be used to pop a Zed head.

    My advice is never go to the shoreline. In the mass hysteria that would ensue the beginings of the zombie apocalypse, people would panic and run to the water to escape on boats. Many wearing lifejackets or other flotation devices, and thus, when they turn, BAM! Swimming zombie. Also, if only one person who is bitten gets onboard one of the bigger vessels, well, do the math, it's exponential! 1 becomes 2, becomes 4, becomes 8, becomes 16 to 32 to 64....Next thing you know, your on an ocean liner, with 600 living dead, with no place to go.

    Part two, for the water, is, if you are one of a VERY VERY tiny portion of any military force, get onboard a Nuclear Submarine. Why? Limitless fuel, limitless air, just bring a bunch of seeds and earth, and you can grow your own food underwater, forever, waiting out the G's. Give them a year or two, maybe three, for those that don't freeze in the north and south, and they will eventual decay and rot. But, i doubt anyone here has access to a Nuclear Submarine.

    The military of the United States, primarily the Army and Marine Corp, are ill prepared to fight those that don't get scared. Zombies wage total war. All they care about are eating flesh, and then moving on to their net dinner. Get 12 million of them, from a populated city, into a choke point, such as a highway, and open fire. That's the most logical thing the Army would do. 'Course, the 12 million part isn't exactly the plan. The problem with zombies and modern warfare, is the fact that a 105mm howitzer shell landing near them won't shell shock them. It might fall down, but it will get up, so long as it wasn't in the primary blast zone, and its head remains undamaged, and it will just keep coming. We use tactics that are designed to scare humans, people with feelings. Not the undead, whose only drive is to consume.

    Family members that are non essential, the disabled, mentally or physically, must be sacraficed. They are a wast of resources that are needed for those that can fight, and can depend on themselves. The young, the old, anyone that needs others to survive must be put down or left to die. When the dead rise, survival is the only thing that matters.

    "The first casualty of the conflict must be our sentimentality, for its survival will mean our destruction." Paul Redeker.

    This is only for personal, or group (10 to 30 people MAX) survival, if left in the white zone after the government and military retreat. If in a safe zone controlled by a reorganized government and military, everything changes, and that is what I am prepared to not accept, for I will not follow a government that would sacrifice so many people, just to save it self.
  7. Flounce

    Flounce Tactical Wordsmith

    I think Tabby is a little bit too into this...

    I'd just steal a car and hope for the best :D
  8. VanillaGorilla

    VanillaGorilla n00b

    I guess when I start out i'll be in the house, so I guess i'll grab every sharp object I can along with some food and head out towards the local mall. I'd then be looting like crazy to get my food supplies. Once I've got enough, i'd probably head in the direction of the beach and move along the coast, since zombies tend to move inland.

    Also, I don't plan on finding kevlar vests and crap, so I plan to rip the front and back cover's of hardcovered books and ducktape the covers to my chest. (I know silly, but think about it! :coolgleam: )
  9. Boogeyman

    Boogeyman n00b

    i would grab my axe and go to store for some beer and cigaretes and maybe food
  10. Hannah Of Hyrule

    Hannah Of Hyrule Out saving Hyrule!

    Long story short, I would die. Someone protect me, please >:
  11. Cotaamuth

    Cotaamuth n00b

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  12. Le loup

    Le loup wolf

    I will survive

    i'll survive bc i know most known forms of martial arts ivs got skilled trigger finger & i hve no problem with taking a life of another so ya & i'll protect hannah
  13. Zeusy

    Zeusy The Surreal Love Bastard

    to be honet the best way to survive a Zombie Apocalyse is to go Nomadic and refrain from using any weapons that require Ammunition.
  14. WillTheLegend

    WillTheLegend The Man Of Legends.

    i would grab my nun-chucks and bo staff (i do kickboxing) and get a car and get away to somewhere uninfected and stop to find food and water along the way.
  15. prsn98

    prsn98 n00b

    i'd take year's supply of grenades,an AWP,a G36,MP5,a GLOCK 18,a 4 years supply of ammo,if i was good in engineering and programming,i'd build at least 2 androids.also,i'll take along my one of my friends.maybe a lighter and a few bottles of alcohol vehicles maybe a ducatti.forgot most important thing,food,water and katana and since (maybe) zombies can sometimes hold weapons................MAGNET GUN!!!!!!!!!!!if there was vaccine,i'd take 2.
  16. Rawr Girl

    Rawr Girl Banned


    I would hide in a butchers cause they got meat so they would eat the meat not me and when they eat it get a butchers knife and slice their head off.

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