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Zombie Apocalypse RPG

Discussion in 'Roleplay' started by Deadly shot, Feb 5, 2009.

  1. Name:flesh eater
    Description:looks like a normal zombie except has large claws can feed off zombies and gets attacked by zombies blood is not dry like normal zombies is stronger and faster has a deep and scary voice has a strange aura
    Weapons:hands(claws) feet(toes spiked)teeth(can't change people)
    Personality :generally friendly but most people attack on sight

    i was living in a hardware shop for a while intil it was attacked by survivors i managed to pass as a survivor...for now
  2. Gaz868

    Gaz868 Assassin

    Appearence:medium length black hair, tall, black jacket black pants.
    Life:Used to live alone and worked in the military as a sniper.

    The man was running! away from the zombies. with a sniper on his back. He has few bullets. He pulls out a small pistol and starts headshotting zombies. He ran into the apartment. locking the door puting his pistol away. he Cautiously walked over to a room and layed his stuff over in the closet. He sat on his bed, sighing.
  3. jcrazy5

    jcrazy5 aim, fire, repeat

    Name,Description: David sparks long dark brown hair, black t-shirt,jeans,dc shoes, backpack, gun holster (back), weapon belt
    Backround: from england. abandoned at 3.was recruited by a gang called the damned. known only loss and pain
    Weapons:hunting knife,glock x2 (backpack), ump45, double barrel shotgun (back holster), 44. magnum
    Personality :though tough background quite friendly but can get very angry sometimes

    I was siting in the manager's office in the hardware store looking at what i thought was a crudely drawn map of the city. I found a pack of ciggarettes so i decided to light one. Heck, if i was gonna die, why not. I started looking in the drawer of the desk and found a small union jack flag. I missed england but the whole of great britain was probably overrun. There was still no sign of the survivor which i contacted an hour ago so my thoughts were that he was dead. i kept on rummaging through the drawers and found a pefectly sharpend bowie knife so i ditched my hunting knife and put the bowie knife in my knife holster. it was 2 am so i decided to get some rest.
  4. Name: Sam Taylor
    Age: 24
    Background: From a Family of war veterans, Sam Picked up a Little of the 'Family Instinct'. Coming in From Britain, his Charisma Helped Him Get a Job in Journalism
    Weapons: M9, Low Ammo
    Personality: Inquisitive and Curious, doesn't let things go easily

    Sam Sat Awake on the floor, drenched in cold sweat. He Went over to His roommate and Gently Shook him. He Gave No Reaction. Down for the Count. The Sun Beat in through the windows. That saying his Dad Always Said Crept Into His Head. He Sighed, Drew His Gun and Left the Room. The Door Shut and He Looked to The Ground.
    "Same Shit, Different Day"

    The 2 Mile Walk Was Really Going to Take it out of Him. But Since the Fake Vaccine story, His Interest was Piqued. A Thought occured. He Always goes to the gun store or the Mall, but if all these were ready for purchase,then the supplies must comes from somewhere right?
  5. Ryno0417

    Ryno0417 n00b

    Backround(Optional) :Resident at the apartment for as long as he can remember known mainly for his parkour/free running skills
    Weapons:Katana sword,M4A1 carbine
    Personality(Optional) :Young yet a badass whose look says touch me or my possesions without my permission im going to destroy you

    As i wake up i go to look around for something to eat but we have nothing to eat so i run to the rooftop then i start my parkour run to the food stores and while i walk in i climb up onto the signs to ensure my safety while im looking for something good to eat i see some zombies soi give them all a few taps with bullets to the brain then i jump down with my backpack and load up with food then go back on the roof to begin my run back to the apartment with some food but while i walk outside i see a zombie horde but they obviously see me also so i must take off running but without finding something to climb my effort will be useless
  6. Ryno0417

    Ryno0417 n00b

    ignore i didnt read everything
  7. WickedUpgrades

    WickedUpgrades Gaming Bitch.

    Name: Jason Ellwick

    Age : 22

    Weapons : Butterfly Knife.

    He brings his dark hoodie over his head, walking into the fire exit. His brother had told him of the rumors about the resistance. He went up the stairs, walking into a spare room. He puts his suitcase in the cupboard and he looks at his map. The military base was 6 miles away and his Lamborghini Murcielago was just outside. He drove to the base and grabbed what he could find without being caught. He drove back, armed with a crate of frag grenades and a M249 With a crate of ammunition. He went into his room and fell asleep.
  8. VaryEx

    VaryEx Good bye my friends

    Name: Sean Gordon.
    Weapons: Desert Eagle, M-16 and a small hand axe.
    Job: High School student.
    Features: Short blackis hair, green eyes, 1.76 meters, stiff face, a big under jaw.
    clothes: Black t-shirt, working pants, fingerless bicycle gloves.

    It happend around mid-day. Sean just got off of the bus from school and was on his way home. Sean was what you call "An Average Teenager"- he did little sports and played a lot on the computer. After a few minuts he finally reached his front door. His eyes opened in terror.
    He never expected to find his front door torn out of its place. There were foot prints of blood all over the living room.
    "What the f*** is going on here" Sean screamed.
    Suddenly he was pushed off of his feet and onto the ground. He turned his head, only to see a weird looking character jumping on him. He dodged right in time. He got up on his feet and ran to the kitchen. As he ran, the mysterious figure ran after him.
    He was able to grabe a big knife and turned around.
    "Who are you?! What do you want from me?!" he yelled at him. The figure cept on running.
    "Stop now or I'll hurt you!". The figure jumped. With a scream Sean slashed the air.
    The figure fell next to him with the knife stuck in his skull.
    Horrafied by the thing that he just did, he gazed upon his kill. He was speechless.
    The body looked like it was dead for more then three days. Its skin rutten and smelled like hell.
    "It cant be" he said to himself. "This cant be really happening. I've been playing this kind of games for a long time, and I always knew that something like this would happen, but I never believed myself."
    Tears came across his face."The zombies are here".
    Suddenly his eyes opened. His little sister stayed at home today because she wasnt feeling well. He rushed up stairs, and went into her room. He burst into tears as he say the remains of his beloved little sister.
    He went down and sent a text message to everyone on his phone:"Come to Sean's house as fast as you can once you see this! I was right after all!!"
    He went to the back yard and opend the shed. From there he took out a big axe, a small hand axe and a crowbar.
    "Dont worry sister", he said has his face turned into a stiff one."I will live for you too".
    After a few moment, two zombies came jumped over his yard wall. He looked at them, and smiled.
    He pulled out his axe."Come get some you f***ing son's of b***es!"

    So who shall join me in this Zombie Apocalypse?
  9. DarkStar

    DarkStar Banned

    Name: Duncan McLockart
    Age: 27
    Background: He was born in Lithuania but grew up in Scotland. Got kicked out of Britain for reasons he has never discussed.Ex - S.A.S officer. For some reason American army wanted him so bad they paid the Scottish government . Was a commando in the Special forces. He was average in his squadron. Though his squadron was attacked by those things and he was the only one left. Typical messed up life. Family split up and his sister was sent away to Jamaica. Is extremely nifty with his hands, able to make a weapon out of virtually nothing or just fixing things in general.
    Weapons: FN F2000 assault rifle, with telescope sight and 40mm FN EGLM grenade launcher(Very Skilled with),Taurus PT 92
    Personality: Wild, impulsive, does things on a whim.
    Physical appearance: Very tall with a look that says "Don't f*ck with me", Has a tattoo of his squadrons motto. "If it aint dead, you are doing it wrong" One green eye one blue.
    Clothes: Classic army gear. Even has night /heat goggles (Batteries low).

    "This is it then isn't it", Duncan pulled his night vision over his eyes. The first zombies coming into the room. "This is for Jose", The first zombie was greeted with a headshot from my rifle. "This is for Aaron!", Another zombie down. Duncan carried on for many hours and eventually had no ammunition left. He was down to his grenade launcher. "Heh, never thought it would end like this.", He said as he loaded it in. He looked over to the crappy gas cooker that looked as if it worked. "I'm coming for you", As the fire engulfed the shop Duncan started laughing. He was free.
  10. Lettuce

    Lettuce n00b

    Hey guys,

    I know I haven't been posting much lately, but this has been due to exams coming and going.
    Anyway, I'm starting up a Zombie RPG on another site; This forum would be too difficult to use for what I have planned.
    Basically, its like this one, but with proper RPG elements, like leveling, item stores and team-based combat.
    So far I have a decent amount of people together already on the forum who want to play, but then I thought about you guys and better post it here.
    If you are interested, follow the link below; it should take you right there.


    If you are interested, make an account and PM "Lettuce". I'm the Admin and I'll help you out with anything you need.

    So, yeah. Thanks for reading this, if you did. If you didn't...

    TL;DR: Zombie RPG. zombierpg.forumotion.com
  11. dad175

    dad175 n00b


    :thumb::fmad:do you or not as a jock?:bann

    Everyone will have to start in the Apartment. Everyone will have to share a bedroom since there are 2 beds in each room.

    Let me explain the building

    It is a poor looking apartment but it will have to do to survive the zombies from eating you.

    The apartment is only 6 stories high.

    Each room has a kitchen,Bedroom, and Bathroom.
    Your belongings are stashed into the closet and it will be owned by you unless some other RPer comes in your room and takes one of them with your permission.

    The Entrance is a big room where it can have a swarm of zombies fit in.
    There are 3 doors to enter and heavily barricaded by drawers, Rusted metalic materials, and broken tables.

    As usualy nobody uses the entrance.... they just use the fire escape.
    The Stores is only 4 miles away East.
    The gun shop was 2 miles North.
    The Mall, Airport, and Military base is 6 miles SouthWest. It used to be 4 but Debris had blocked the main road.
    The Cars are just outside the apartment and only safe to get them is at day.

    Right now This is what you need to know to Play Along


    Try to make the story realistic.

    dont DOUBLE POST or else you deserve to die.

    and importantly dont or you deserve to be banned.


    IS THAT F :crussing: ING CLEAR?!

    Sorry but CAPS get everyones attention

    You can talk First person (I,Me)
    or Third Person (*Name here*, He/she)
    Good luck!

    Backround(Optional) :
    Personality(Optional) :


    Name: Hakkai
    Age: 21
    Backround: Employee of the Apartment.... His boss was bitten by a hobo and somehow turned into of them. Tetsuya killed his boss with a knife into the head. He tries to take care of the survivors in the apartment to fix their beds, rooms, and laundry.Hes the only Employee in the Apartment.. Usually all the survivors treat him like they did back where the world was still normal.
    Weapons: Glock, Steak Knife, Broom.
    Personality: Kind, Helpful, Depressed.

    4:00 AM

    "Hey! Do my laundry for me!" A survivor demanded. "If those clothes shrink... your dead zombie meat!"

    "Alright sir...." I sighed. "No thank you, No Your welcomes, harsh dude."

    I walked down, put the clothes in the washer, and started going upstairs into my room.
    Its just a bed and bathroom... but atleast nothing's rusted or broken.

    "For once.. I just want someone to be atleast a bit friendly..." I said to myself.

    2 hours later the laundry was done and dry. I gave it to the man and he just slams the door into my face. I sighed because there was there was no sign of appreciation. I walked upstairs at my room.... with thoughts of suicide..
    then fell asleep.[/QUOTE]
  12. love9685

    love9685 n00b

    thanks regel best forum rules.....
  13. hellsstalker4

    hellsstalker4 back -.-

    description:5'8,brown hair,strong.
    background:got in trouble with the cops,on the way there the car crashed.i escaped.
    I woke up in a apartment room.I wanted to find out where i was so i left ,looking for someone and weapons or something to keep me safe.

    I found a gun store and got a pistol and a shotgun. I also grabbed a vest.

    I heard some shouting,a car engine,and gunshots.I ran towards it and almost got hit by the car.

    I ran into a building and found a survivor. He pointed his gun at me "who are you?"

    i think i did it right.
  14. Setsugie

    Setsugie SwordSaint

    I Hope You Guys Let Me Play In This RP If So Heres My Char.
    Name: Setsugie Zetsunoko
    Age: 21
    Background: He was a hardcore Cos-player and Gamer, Despite that the studied Ken-jutsu(Sword techniques) for 5 years. He was a fan of fire arms so he decided to learn Gunsmanship. When the infection first broke out he was at the University, when a teacher got bit by a student who was infected. The school became hell in a matter of minutes few where left alive, Setsugie Rushed to his dorm and unlocked his trunk that had his katana, wakisashi and kunai knives. He fought throw the hordes of the undead until he found a small GunShop and settled there it did not have that many weapons or ammo. He scavenged what he could and survived until the present day.
    Personality: Gentle, Calm, Very Considerate,Smart, Strong even though he doesn't look like it.
    Physical Appearance: Average Body, Short White Hair, One blue eye another Yellow.
    Cloths: Padded Grey jean, White T-shirt Shirt That has one long sleeve and one that isn't with design of Pink Sakura petals Falling (has lether pads also), Blueish Jacket Cloak(like Dante's From Devil May Cry 3) With gun holsters in the back, Brown Sneaker boots,Fingerless Black Army Gloves that are ripped, Three Belts (On his waist in cross shape) that are holding the kunai and clips.
    Weapons: .50 cal. Dessert Eagle x2 12 bullet Clip(x24 clips), Japanese Katana, Wakisashi(Japanese dagger) Kunai Throwing knives x13, Mini dynamite Sticks x3 (In backpack).

    As I woke up and looked out the window I saw a Young boy that was almost hit by a car.
    After that he run to our building as I went down I saw him in the front entrance and there was one of the the other survivors asking him who he was.
    I said To the other Survivor To stand down ill take it from here and here.He said "Ok"
    and went away.
    I apologized to the boy for the rudeness of him and asked him "Where you bit or scratched by them?" He said "no I wasn't" very good i replied with a smile.
    I closed the barricade behind him and told him that he could stay. By the way my name is ''Setsugie'' and placed out my hand. My name is Haze he replied and shook my hand.
    Ok Haze ill show you to your room in a moment but first i have some important matters to attend to. Please make yourself at home, i will be with you in a few minutes.
    And i walked away...
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  15. DarkStar

    DarkStar Banned

    This roleplay is dead, this section is dead, fuck this whole site is dead.

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