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Discussion in 'Playstation' started by templarnight, Nov 30, 2008.

  1. templarnight

    templarnight ...physcosocial

    as yo know; COD:WaW has... well... ZOMBES! so, whats your stratagy, and how long did you survive?

    my stratagy: never go it alone! oh, and never unlock upstares.

    i survived to round 46 today with my friends. we had:

    browning M1919 x3
    Famethrower x3
    panzershrek x1
    ray gun x1
  2. al3xbr0wn

    al3xbr0wn ps3

    Well lvl 46 my arse. If you guys are that impossibly good why u need to no any1 elses strategy.

    well anyway...

    First i set off with a team of 4, buy the kar98k bolt action thingy off the wall and then basically just kill the zombies up till level 5. If you got a good team you can go to 6 or 7.
    then somebody open the help door, and use all the points you got on the random box hoping for a ray-gun but trench gun and machine guns are also good.

    then 1 person stay in the help room and kill zombies/repair barricades. until wave 10.
    then 2 people come into the help room and the other just stay around the help room door and kill the zombies coming out of all the windows. At around lvl 16-20 everybody fall right back into the help room and basically kill the zombies in the help room and kill the ones coming towards the help room door from the outside room.

    NEVER open the stairs unless you get to something like level 24+ then you can open the stairs if your being overun and basically just hide in a corner and kill zombies (hopefully you'll all pretty much have a ray-gun by then).


    -If you get one of those zombies crawling on the floor at the end of a round don't kill him. Keep him alive and repair all baricades and let everybody try the random box until they have a good weapon. The zombie will be really slow so some1 can just walk around a bit and make him follow you.
    -Always have a decent machine gun/submachine gun handy for when you get insta kill.
    -After about level 10 dont bother trying to repair barricades in the first room until the round is over.

    Hope this helped
  3. lee-celticbhoy

    lee-celticbhoy Banned

    mate i got to lvl.78 its easy for lvl 10 stay in the first room---------------then go to the basement until it gets hard to keep them from the door 2 st the windows 2 at the door 2 support each other when reloading then buy upstairs get the trench gun and whatevr u hav---u most likely got a machine guy from the random box the go to the bit by the spiral staircase let 2 up front 1 at the broken window with machine guns 1 at door with shotgun not at the door or the other 2 will not be able 2 shhot then u have the bak 2 to cover the window and the zombies who get through its really simple ur just not thinking straight
  4. im2ignorant2care

    im2ignorant2care Hersh's French Fry Pirate

    First and Third Posters: You two are flat-out liars. Unless you're glitching, there's no way you got that high. You've most likely not even beat the single-player, and you haven't even played Nach der Untoten yet. Your lack of any sort of knowledge about which you speak clearly shows.

    As far as a real strategy goes.. I don't know how you and your team's play-style is. I only play with two other guys, and we hit into the 20's on average.

    The basic outline:

    Start: Grab the Kar## rifle (200 points)

    Levels 1-5: Head-shot every zombie you come across. (The occasional shanking may sometimes be in order)

    Levels 6-10:
    Open the cellar door, have team hold the incoming zombies from the windows, with (depending how many you have) one or two covering the cellar door leading to the starting room. Usually I play the latter, and have no trouble covering the door alone.

    Levels 11+:
    Open the stairs inside the cellar (NOT the spiral stair-case in the main room). Head across the way to where the top of the spiral staircase is located. In the corner with the item on the wall is your choke point. One kneeling, one standing directly behind, and one standing adjacent is enough to cover the zombies flooding from the doorway, with the one adjacent covering the window, and occasionally lending a hand with the doorway.

    This strategy works for us, because it causes zombies to only have 2 points of entry (one repairable), and a fall-back choke-point.

    Obviously you need to make it a priority to use the mystery box until you have some sort of combination of the Ray, Flamethrower, or possibly a magnum. Don't bother with Sniper Rifles. Their scope causes you to be blind to the surroundings, which you just can't afford in later levels.

    Don't be afraid to run around like a chicken with your head cut off. Zombies will sneak through your guard. They'll compromise your position. Just back-peddle and stay in contact with your team. Be each others' eyes when you're on the scramble, so you don't get cornered by the zombies.

    This isn't a fool-proof guide by any means.. In fact, if you don't have that much talent at the game, it probably won't help much. It's just what my lil three-man team does each time, and it works well.

    Any suggestions or modifications, PM them to me and I'll edit them in. For the record, much appreciation to DDG for putting up with all the Nach der Untoten slaying. ;)
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 5, 2009
  5. lee-celticbhoy

    lee-celticbhoy Banned

    i dont like geng called a liar plus im true to my words im got to that lvl with all 4of us with ray guns,2 of us with trench guns,1 with flamethrowers,and 1 with mgs

    Pics or it didn't happen.

    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 10, 2009
  6. big jock knew

    big jock knew n00b

    Well i got to level 53 with my mates , only because im rubbish and there amazing , i died and got revived about 10-20 times :p
  7. lee-celticbhoy

    lee-celticbhoy Banned


    wow im prstige 3 u probs havent unlocked it Noob god
  8. warren93

    warren93 Manbearpig awareness

    i got rid of this game becus i thought cod 4 was better. but when i did this i got to 17 on my own with double barrel shotgun. that weapon owns
  9. lee-celticbhoy

    lee-celticbhoy Banned

    veruckt is well better more team work and is easier to plat less glitches thought i got to lvl 20 ;):sad:
  10. lee-celticbhoy

    lee-celticbhoy Banned

    wow lol no lifes like hi actaulyy wrote apge and a half of noth9ing but **********************************************
  11. Can't believe you im2ignorant2care stole my tactic i always do this and get rounds 20-30 but havent gone higher than 30 :sad::sad::sad:
    Don't really play online COD5 IMO i hate it, COD4 FTW :D:D:D:D

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